Your Habits Should Change with Seasons

Your habits exist to work for you. But sometimes, it doesn’t seem that way. Changes in your family or job can make once-helpful habits impossible. You don’t have time for them, but you feel like you should. If habits are supposed to help you, why do you feel so frustrated?

Change is inevitable. And good habits are still possible. You can recalibrate your habits to fit where you are now. As Megan and Michael discuss how they’ve adapted their habits over time, you’ll learn how to take stock of your life, notice what’s working and what isn’t, and create realistic habits that leave you feeling encouraged, not defeated.

You can leverage the power of habits—no matter your stage of life.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Signs it might be time to downsize your habits
  • How often you need to reconsider the habits you’ve created
  • Why small habits aren’t incompatible with big goals
  • Proof that no habit is sacred, not even date night
  • Permission to stick with what works and drop the rest