The 6 Biggest Lessons From the Past 10 Years

You’re building your business but feel lost in the thick of things. You know it’s valuable to pause and think big picture, but you’re not sure how or where to begin. You don’t want to waste time spinning your wheels. What are the most important areas to focus on? And what is proven to have lasting impact?

In this episode, Michael and Megan reflect on the past 10 years and explore the top 6 lessons they have learned while building a thriving business. They show you how to cast a vision and allow space for it to grow and shift over time, and then how to set yourself up with transformational mindsets and tools that lead to long-term success.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The importance of having no sacred cows
  • How to free yourself up to make greater contributions
  • Why your team—not your clients—are your greatest asset
  • 2 key questions to ask that lead to business success
  • Why it’s critical not to export ideas you haven’t first imported