The Intentional Path to Work-Life Balance

High achievers have a bad habit of working too much and all of that extra time comes with a very real cost and, unfortunately, sometimes we don't notice that cost until it's too late.

In this episode, Michael has a very honest conversation with Gail, his wife of (almost) 44 years. They discuss the very real cost that the first half of Michael’s professional life had on his physical health, his children, and his marriage.

Importantly, they talk about the fateful night when Michael had to reckon with how his choices were impacting the lives of the people he loved the most. The path between that conversation and Full Focus is a straight line.

Gail and Michael offer three truths about work-life balance that can provide you with the starting tools you need to get your personal life pointed in the right direction without sacrificing your professional goals.

In this episode, you will-

  • Learn how Gail experienced Michael’s very busy professional life
  • Hear the steps that Michael took to change the trajectory of his work-life balance
  • Discover how work-life balance changes over time (and that’s okay!)