Resetting After a Busy Season

Sometimes, life happens. You step into a new role. You become the parent of a newborn. Your business is turned upside down by an unforeseen emergency. Before long, you look around to realize that you’re not living the Double Win. You’re tired and want to bounce back—but how?


Michael and Megan dive into this question with some candid stories of their own. Then, they move from solidarity to problem-solving. With the help of their straightforward strategies, you can finally hit reset and prevent “busy” from becoming your new normal.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Why scheduling time away can be essential for snapping back
  • How to tell the difference between an unbalanced season and unbalanced life
  • The importance of reintroducing rhythm to your days
  • The incredible power of constraints
  • One simple activity for eliminating stress every time