How to Solve Your Turnover Problem

To lead a growing business, you need a strong team. But finding and keeping talent is a challenge. Sometimes it seems that good people leave faster than you can hire them. You’ve added all the perks you can think of, but nothing will stop the revolving door. 

Why does staffing have to be so hard?

Our decades of experience have taught us that staffing, like everything else in business, boils down to one thing: vision.  You need to stop looking at the secondary causes of turnover, and address the underlying problem. Either you don’t have a vision, or your team does not understand it. 

Don’t worry, we’ve identified three clear steps to getting your team rallied around your vision. Take these actions, and you’ll see turnover decrease and engagement skyrocket. You feel new energy in your business. And you find good people begging to join your team. 

In this episode, you will— 

  • Learn the real root cause of turnover. 
  • Find out why this problem is particularly acute for managing millennials. 
  • Identify the three steps you can take to improve retention. 
  • Discover the difference between a vision statement and a vision script. 
  • See the four key aspects of your company that you must clarify for your team. 
  • Understand why the stakes are so high for employee retention. 
  • Gain valuable tips for connecting team members to your vision for the company. 

After you’ve listened to this episode, here’s your next step. Ask three of your team members this simple question: “What is the vision of our company?” Their answer will tell you exactly where to begin in solving your turnover problem. You can do this! 

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Resources from This Episode

The Vision-Driven Leader by Michael Hyatt