How to Have Two Successful Careers in One Happy Home

As a leader, you’re probably used to being in charge. So when two executives occupy the same household, it can lead to tension. Spouses don’t take delegation well, especially when they’re also leaders! Miscommunication and unmet expectations quickly turn to resentment. Why does it feel like home is often the most stressful place to be?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have the Double Win™, which is to win at work and succeed at life. And that certainly includes your home life. 

As successful executives who happen to be married to one another, we’ve learned the lessons that come from negotiating busy schedules, parenting responsibilities, and domestic roles. We’ll show you how to solve the puzzle of the multi-career household by cooperating on four key actions.

Here’s a peek inside this episode. 

  • The key conflict that helped us realize the need for greater collaboration at home. [4:35]
  • Why the management of household tasks must be made clear and explicit. [8:05]
  • Why men can sometimes be unaware of the conflict over home responsibilities. [9:20]
  • What happens when you avoid discussing household management. [10:51]
  • How the division of household chores is like a “couples contract.” [11:54]
  • How the virtue of generosity helps develop equality in a relationship. [13:05]
  • Tips for starting a conversation that might be contentious. [14:23]
  • The key difference between fairness and equity, and how that can help solve household conflicts. [20:20]
  • How understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses helps you create a great partnership. [23:00]
  • How to shape your household responsibilities around your life season. [23:58]
  • Where your ideas about division of labor in the home may be coming from. [26:00]
  • Why getting home management right is so critical to your life. [28:39]
  • The secret hack that highly successful two-career couples are using. [31:26]
  • Why you should outsource functions around the house as you do at work. [32:47]

Once you’ve listened to this episode, here’s your next step. Schedule a time to sit down with your partner and do a household audit. List the things you are both currently doing to manage your home, and compare notes. Start the conversation!

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