How to Create More Margin in Your Personal Life

Every leader needs a full and balanced life to be fully effective. But when you leave work, it can feel like you’re going to your second job—home. Managing a household takes a ton of energy. It can leave you with no gas in the tank for personal interests or actually spending time with your family. 

We’ve found a solution. Be applying the same goal achievement techniques to your home that you use at work, you really can free yourself to focus on the things that matter most in your personal and family life. 

When you do, you’ll escape that feeling of overwhelm comes over you on your commute home. And you’ll free up plenty of time for rest, relationships, and rejuvenation. We’ll show you how inside this episode. 

Here’s a preview— 

  • Why you absolutely need to eliminate, automate, and delegate at home, just like at work. [3:34]
  • How to get out of “reaction mode” in managing your home. [5:16]
  • Why not every household task should be done by you. [9:17]
  • What matters most to us in home life. [10:25]
  • How the Desire Zone™ applies to your household responsibilities. [14:00]
  • Where to start in targeting items for elimination or delegation at home. [16:30]
  • Examples of household tasks that can be eliminated. [19:58]
  • How to automate housework without hiring staff. [24:21]
  • Why it’s worth the time to set up automation of food prep and other tasks. [26:44]
  • Michael’s latest favorite tool for home automation. [27:22]
  • How automated purchasing can save you a ton of time. [28:39]
  • How a babysitter can do double duty to help with automation. [35:44]
  • A next-level strategy for home management. [35:54]
  • How investing in home delegation has improved our family life and business success. [37:19]

Ready to make this system work for you? Here’s your next step. Choose one home management task to eliminate, automate, or delegate. Try it as an experiment. We think you’ll be so happy with the results that you’ll never go back. 

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