How to Create More Just and Equitable Workplaces (Part 1)

As a business leader, you want to create a strong team that is highly engaged and functions well. Yet in our increasingly diverse society, that’s not always easy to do. Recent events have revealed once again the difference of opportunity and tensions that exist between races. And those problems exist in the workplace too. Many of us are realizing just how much we don’t know about creating a just and equitable workplace for our employees. 

Here’s help. We’re talking today with Anthony Hendricks, an educator, nonprofit leader, and proponent of unity in antiracist action, and Danielle Rodgers, director of human resources at Michael Hyatt & Company. In this two-part conversation, we’ll reveal the problems with inequality that many employers are unaware of, and give practical solutions creating a more just and equitable workplace.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Statistics on the current state of diversity in the workplace.
  • How fear drives discrimination among candidates and social groups.
  • Examples of how organizations can expand and improve the talent pool for future hires.
  • Reasons why you, as a business leader, should care about and prioritize diversity.
  • How diversity boosts both morale and profitability in your business.
  • Practical tips on things leaders can actually do to move the ball forward and promote continued progress.