Dustin Guyton

Overview/Qualifications: A self-described recovering hustle addict, Dustin is no stranger to hard work. He is an award-winning expert in sales and entrepreneurship with experience scaling and leading teams of over 100 individuals. Dustin can truly raise the roof thanks to his experience leading, owning, and operating two multi-million dollar roofing companies while experiencing 1,250% growth (not a typo!) Music is in the lifeblood of Dustin’s family; Not only is he an accomplished vocalist, but his wife, Chanelle, is a highly sought-after vocal coach, and their four children harmonize in song and life. 

Turning point: After too many years of working 80 hours per week, Dustin experienced a personal tragedy that changed his definition of success. Although he'd seen significant financial success, he did so at the cost of the legacy he was leaving with his family. Dustin shifted his focus to living a life full of purpose and investing in the people and places that pay real dividends. Using the framework established by Michael Hyatt and in Business Accelerator, he now uses the Full Focus System to live a designed life he loves without compromising his professional growth and results.  

Double Win: Working on our team as a coach means that Dustin has intentional margin during his days, and that benefits his entire family. He is living into his God-given purpose at work while still being able to pick up his children from school. This has a ripple effect that allows his wife to go after her own Double Win and pursue her passion and career in music.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: An Enneagram 8 and high-achiever, Dustin works best with clients who are ready to tackle challenges and be challenged at the same time. He’s not afraid to ask tough questions while simultaneously encouraging clients to reach their full potential as leaders and professionals. Coaching is a calling for Dustin, and he has thousands of hours of experience coaching employees, volunteers, and clients. 

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