Episode: A 2020 Special Announcement

Michael Hyatt: Hi, I’m Michael Hyatt, and welcome to this bonus episode of Lead to Win. Today, I want to let you know about something special that’s happening around here. We designed a new program that’s going to help you make daily, weekly, and monthly progress on your biggest goals, and it’s available now! I’m super excited to tell you about it, and I’m joined today by Courtney Baker, our Chief Marketing Officer, and Blake Stratton, one of our business consultants, but you know them far better as the co-hosts of Focus on This. Welcome, guys!

Courtney Baker: Hi!

Blake Stratton: Thanks for having us, Michael.

Michael: I’m pretty excited to be in the same studio with you guys, because we typically record our various podcasts separately.

Courtney: Yeah, that’s true.

Blake: It seemed like just yesterday we were hijacking your podcast to make an announcement, and now, here we are hijacking your podcast to make an announcement.

Michael: You know my podcast is your podcast. I was going to say that in Spanish, but I couldn’t quite get it out. First, I want to say, “Congratulations,” to both of you for the success of Focus on This. You guys have been consistently in the iTunes Top 20 for management since the podcast released, and I was a little bit concerned that it was going to overtake Lead to Win, and it’s close. Honestly, I predicted this from the beginning, but I fully expect you to overtake it eventually, because you guys are just so darn fun.

Blake: Courtney gives me a lot of the credit, and I accept that. No.

Courtney: That is not true! The truth is, Michael, we learned 90 percent of the things we share on the podcast from you. Then, we add our own little goofy selves and have a lot of fun doing it.

Michael: Yeah, but I think it’s so powerful when it’s presented through the lens of somebody else and through a different demographic. Let’s be honest. You’re half my age, so that’s kind of cool in its own way, but we’re here today to announce a brand new program we’re launching. It’s called…drum roll, please…Compass: Your Full Focus Guide, and it’s exclusively for our Full Focus Planner users. Would you guys just tell us a little bit about it? This is your brainchild.

Courtney: Yeah. Here’s what we know about Full Focus Planner users and that community. First of all, they’re really engaged and super committed to their Full Focus Planner. There are tens of thousands of people…

Michael: It’s kind of a cult.

Courtney: It really is. If you see a Full Focus Planner… Actually, Blake, that is literally how you are here.

Blake: I know. It’s true.

Courtney: You were using your planner. Somebody from our staff saw you using it and went over and said, “Hey! What do you think about that planner?” and you said all of these great things and started a relationship. That’s how you ended up working here.

Blake: Yeah. It’s wild. There are secret handshakes, I’m told, that are happening behind the scenes. There are so many people using this system and getting a lot of value from this system. They believe in it, and it’s exciting to see that connection happen, but this program we’re bringing to life this week is really cool, because the folks who are using this… There is a handful.

There are some I know who want more support. They want to feel like when they get caught in the busyness of everyday life that they have an outlet and they have support to hit those goals. We talk about smarter goals. They’re setting risky goals, and it can be a lonely journey. Maybe you don’t run into someone in the coffee shop. What do you do to get support to get over the hump and overcome that busyness that happens when you’re kind of in the mud and the mire trying to hit your big goals?

Courtney: Yeah. Let me give an example of what we hear from people. People love doing the weekly preview, but if you get busy, you might just skip your weekly preview, which, Blake, you and I have talked many times. When we’ve missed weekly previews, it’s like the week you feel, “What is happening?”

You feel totally lost, and sometimes that can compound. You miss one week. Then, you miss the second week. Then, you’re like, “Just forget it!” That really affects how you achieve your goals, because the system is meant to work on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis to ultimately reach your yearly goals.

Blake: Yeah, but when you miss something or you miss a step, the big goals are often the first things to go, because they take that extra resource.

Michael: It’s like you were saying with the busyness of everyday life. If you get caught up in that and you don’t do anything else, you’re just going to drift. Courtney, you were saying if you don’t do your weekly preview this week and maybe you don’t do the daily pages. Pretty soon, you’re a long way from where you intended to go, and you’re just not as productive. You’re not as focused. You’re not achieving like you want to. That’s the beauty of having a support system like you guys are talking about that is available now.

Courtney: Absolutely. Even on the podcast, we hear people share their goals, and all of the time we say, “We hear people tell their goals, but usually it’s just off just a tiny bit. There might be some tiny thing you could tweak to improve it and take it to the next level.” Now, this new product we’re going to be sharing about is going to give you the community to actually get feedback from your peers.

Blake: Let’s get into it.

Courtney: Compass is a membership site designed exclusively for Full Focus Planner users to help them make daily, weekly, and monthly progress on their goals all year long. Really, we’re providing overwhelmed folks two things.

Blake: Right. The first is coaching on goal achievement. All you really need (the brass tacks) is available in the startup guide of the Full Focus Planner. There are these video tutorials…

Courtney: Which you do.

Blake: Yeah. I’ve been told whoever does them is really articulate and handsome. I’ve never watched them, but I’m sure…

Michael: They’re much better than the ones that used to exist. I’m telling you that.

Blake: Those video tutorials tell you how to use the planner, how to use the system, and how it all works, but we wanted to create a place where you could get specific instruction and get your questions answered.

Michael: So it’s next level. It’s more than what we provide in the tutorials.

Courtney: Absolutely. The second is everybody needs accountability. We here at Michael Hyatt & Company have accountability all around us. We all use the planner and love it, but we wanted to kind of transfer that to people using the Full Focus Planner who may not have people around them physically. Why do you not have people around you using the Full Focus Planner? Go sell some of your co-workers. This is going to help you stay on track and keep you going. Compass is an online community that is really going to give you the accountability and support to help you reach your goals.

Blake: Right. Here’s the end game. I have my cell phone right here. I pay a monthly fee just to protect this because it’s so vital to me. I have AppleCare on my phone because it’s not shatterproof. I want something to be there when life happens. That’s what Compass does for your goals. How much more important are your goals?

You’re literally setting a course for where you want your life to go, so Compass provides you with confidence in using the planner and the Full Focus system. Plus, you get the support of the community, and the end result is AppleCare for your goals. You get greater life transformation. I think when you first told me about this, Courtney, you were like, “I have this great idea! It will be like goal insurance.” I was like, “Tell me more.”

Michael: Yeah. That’s really good, because I think sometimes we underestimate the power of community and having a community of support. Recently, Megan and I were talking on Lead to Win about the idea of a running group and how hard it is to be a runner when you’re out there trying to do it by yourself, but when you get in a group of likeminded people who are just generally enthusiastic about doing it together, there is no shame in that kind of thing.

There’s just a lot of encouragement, a lot of feedback, and a lot of camaraderie. You’re able to go further faster. You’re able to accomplish more because of the group than you could do on your own. Tell us about the specifics of the program. How is that going to help me as a Full Focus Planner user stay on track and maximize the value of the planner for me?

Blake: First, it is going to help you stay focused. You can log and track your goals. Here’s the cool part. You share your goals within the community, so you can celebrate your goals together. I know Courtney is looking forward to that. You actually get to celebrate with the group, and you can create activation triggers for weekly achievement.

Courtney: It’s also going to guarantee your progress. Honestly, there are like 50 ways you could set goals. I mean everything from a New Year’s resolution to just randomly writing something on a napkin. Maybe there are three ways that are actually good ways to set goals. What we’re going to teach you in Compass using your Full Focus Planner is the one best way to do goals and to make progress on those goals.

Michael: Yeah, because we really have a point of view on that. It’s not just like you throw it on the paper in some sort of disjointed format, but we have a very specific way we encourage people to do their goals. I sometimes say a goal well conceived is a goal half achieved. If you get it written down right, that’s going to help you make advancement or progress against the goal.

Courtney: I’m so excited for people to be able to share those goals and actually get feedback on, “Is there something I could actually make a slight tweak to actually make it better?”

Blake: Also, if there has been something with the Full Focus system that has felt elusive to you in some way… Something where you go, “I know it would be so great if I did an ideal week, but I just have trouble with X, Y, or Z,” or “We always say we want to do a quarterly preview, but by the time we get…” Those elusive parts, I think, will come into focus for a lot of people in Compass because, first, they get the benefit of seeing how other people are doing it within the community, but secondly, you get questions answered by some coaching.

We do a tiny, tiny bit of that on the podcast. We can only do so much in the five or 10 minutes we talk with people, but even with that people have found breakthrough. Imagine being able to be a part of a dedicated program where these elusive parts of the planner (things you’ve been trying to implement that you know would benefit you but you can’t get over the hump) you’re going to see that breakthrough happen in Compass.

Courtney: Yeah. For me, things like the index… Michael, we did get a question about the index on Focus on This.

Michael: Yeah?

Courtney: Yeah.

Michael: Were you able to answer it?

Courtney: We were able to answer it, I think. I think we did a good job.

Blake: I was talking to a business leader yesterday, and I was grilling them. “How dedicated are you, sir?” We went all the way through, and I was like, “Do you use the index?” I was like, “I got him!” He was like, “Oh, yeah! Of course!”

Courtney: You know you’re really in.

Blake: The interesting thing he said was, “But sometimes I still struggle to make time for my weekly preview.” I was like, “Man!”

Michael: Don’t you think some of that is a resistance? I mean, it’s so important, but there is this resistance or this friction that keeps you from doing that thing that is so important. The times I do my weekly preview versus the times I don’t are like night and day. It’s like trying to venture out into the forest without a GPS system or a compass. That’s what we call it. Do you see what I did there? Can you talk to us about some of the features of the community? It’s kind of like a running group. Some of these things we’re going to be doing together.

Blake: In general.

Michael: Talk about it. Less sweat.

Blake: Depending on how hard you’re doing your weekly preview, I guess.

Courtney: If you’re sweating at your weekly preview, you’re doing it right.

Michael: That’s why we have now waterproof paper in the Full Focus Planner. We’re just kidding.

Courtney: Yeah. We are just kidding. The first thing is we’re going to have live weekly preview sessions. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this. It’s going to add that accountability for you. You’re going to be able to schedule it and every week make sure you’re able to knock out your weekly preview.

Michael: This is going to be fun doing it.

Courtney: It’s going to be a blast.

Blake: We have live monthly master class sessions. This is really cool. If you’ve enjoyed listening to the podcast, that’s great, but it’s truly just a one-way street, and it’s a shortened time. It’s really kind of meant for a broad audience. Imagine going really deep. These master classes are where you can learn new skills and get your questions answered right there and then from experts in the Full Focus system.

Courtney: Another thing we’re going to have in the community is a live quarterly preview party. This is actually going to be a livestream event.

Blake: Will there be pizza?

Courtney: There will be digital pizza for everyone. Our coaches are going to guide you through the quarterly preview, so if you’ve never really accomplished doing a quarterly preview, this is going to be a great way to make sure you set aside the time and you’re able to do it with some really fun people.

Blake: Right. We also created an online portal. This is a custom-built site specifically to log, track, and share your goals.

Michael: This is cool.

Blake: Yeah. One of the biggest things…I know you preach on this, and we echo this on the Focus on This podcast…is the power of visibility of your goals. If you have struggled with that, this online portal will help you never lose visibility on your goals again.

Michael: Some of my goals are pretty personal. I’m not sure I want to share those online. Is there allowance for that?

Blake: Absolutely! This is designed for you to get the benefit of community. For goals that maybe don’t need that benefit or wouldn’t benefit from that public-facing nature, of course, you can keep those private. There’s not a requirement to share every single goal, but I think for those goals where you say, “This would be beneficial,” maybe it is vulnerable to share it publicly but something that’s not too personal, obviously, is right in the sweet spot of something where you go, “If this could be visible for me and if I could share this externally, I know this would help me push through the resistance when I come to that.”

Michael: Cool.

Courtney: We’ve mentioned this last one several times, but you’re going to be able to be part of a success community where you can engage with other Full Focus Planner users who are really dedicated to the system and are there to support each other.

Blake: Right. We have additional exclusive events and resources coming for Compass members only.

Courtney: I can’t share some of these, but they are really good. You need to be a member at the time these release. Trust me. You want to become a member and stay a member. It’s going to be worth it.

Blake: Yeah. We see this as an easy next step in your self-development. We have a couple of keystone programs already in Michael Hyatt & Company. The Focus Leader is our one-day intensive for leaders. It’s an all-day event. It means you travel to Nashville for that. If it’s you or it’s you and the team, you come to Nashville. You arrange the flights and all of that.

Then, we have Business Accelerator, which I love. It’s for business owners. We have a lot of folks in our community who aren’t necessarily business owners. It’s not a perfect fit for everyone. Compass is really more narrowly focused on goal achievement, so you don’t necessarily need to be a business owner, although if you are, I think you’d really benefit from it.

Courtney: Absolutely.

Blake: There is huge value to anyone who is trying to upgrade their hit percentage on their goals or their batting average on goals. If you’re ready to take that next step, this program is going to make it a lot easier.

Michael: Is it programmed so that you have to do what the whole community is doing every week, or is it more self-paced?

Courtney: It’s totally self-paced. It’s an online portal so it’s available at any time. Maybe you have a goal you just made progress on and it’s midnight. You’re able to get in there and update it and also post it to the community. You really can access the community and videos at any time. If you miss a livestream or one of the master classes, you can always catch up.

Blake: Honestly, one of my favorite features of this program is… Courtney, I remember when you first approached me about this. You said, “I want to make this available to as many people as we can. I want it to be really accessible. We put on a lot of premium events here. We pride ourselves in that and premium products. I want this to be really accessible to anyone who is serious about goal achievement.” We’ve priced it at only $29.99 a month.

Michael: Okay. That is amazing. It’s also accessible.

Courtney: Yeah. It’s available right now, so you don’t have to wait. You can go to and everything you need to get started is there right now.

Michael: You were saying this is like goal insurance. This could be one of the best investments you make this year if you’re serious about goal achievement. If you really want to make 2020 your year and use the Full Focus Planner to do it, we’re going to give you all of the tools to do it, so I would just encourage you guys to look very seriously at this. Again, you can go to Check it out. Courtney Baker and Blake Stratton, thanks for joining us here and sharing this exciting news with our Lead to Win audience.

Courtney: Yeah! Thanks for having us, Michael.

Blake: Yeah. This has been great.

Courtney: Wait, Blake! Before we get off Lead to Win, shouldn’t we do another shameless plug? I feel like this is our chance to overtake Michael.

Michael: Do it, guys!

Blake: Did you want to sing that original song you had written?

Courtney: That’s a hard task. No, thank you. I’ll put that as a goal for 2020. Maybe using the Compass program, I will do it.

Blake:  You’ll need a different kind of coach for that.

Courtney: Yeah. Probably and most likely, but thank you, Michael.

Michael: You’re welcome. Thank you, guys, and thank you all for joining us. For everyone here at Michael Hyatt & Company, I want to wish you a happy and productive 2020. Join us right back here next week for another new episode. Until then, lead to win.