5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Hiring an Assistant

You spend your days managing details, scheduling meetings, and replying to emails — by the time you start on the “real work,” the workday is half over. This ends up cutting into your personal life as you try to make up for lost time. It all leads to you feeling more tired, more stressed, and less productive at work and at home. If you heed our advice, you can minimize this pain. The advice is simple: hire an executive assistant!


Once you’ve decided that there’s no other way to get that time back, then the next question is: What do I do with a new EA? To help answer that, Michael and Megan are joined by Tricia Sciortino. Before she was the CEO of Belay, she was Michael’s first executive assistant. They talk about how Michael started her out and how she uses her experience to help leaders all around the world get more time and increase their productivity.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices to get a new executive assistant up and running
  • The one task that more and more leaders are utilizing their EAs to do
  • How best to communicate with your EA
  • How to set goals for your EA

You can get a free download of Tricia’s book: Rise Up and Lead Well: How Leveraging an Assistant Will Change Your Life & Maximize Your Time. In this ebook, Tricia shares what she’s learned in her journey from assistant to CEO about how to work successfully with an assistant. Text LEADTOWIN to 55123 for the free download today. 

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