3 Questions Every Leader Must Answer to Avoid the Drift

Has this ever happened to you? You get in the car and pull out of the driveway, just like you do every day. Then it dawns on you: “This is Saturday!” You’re halfway to the office, but you were really going to the store.

Oops. It’s easy to drift along in the wrong direction. That happens in life. And it happens in business.

That phenomenon is called the drift. Just as a river has currents, life has unseen forces that pull you along in a given direction. Lifestage, busyness, culture, obligations—all of that forms a draft that pulls you forward, whether you realize it or not. If you’re not careful, you can wake up to find yourself at a destination you never chose.

We’ll show you how to avoid that by living your life with intention.

We share three simple, powerful questions that will help you navigate against the subtle forces of busyness and distraction. You can live your life on purpose if you pause long enough to answer these three profound questions.

Here’s a peek inside this episode:

  • How the drift has affected us personally. (1:55)
  • How the drift subtly affects your business. (4:24)
  • How to apply begin with the end in mind to your entire life. (5:47)
  • Why successful people may be more susceptible to the drift. (8:32)
  • What is the opposite of the drift? (9:22)
  • A simple practice that will clarify your priorities. (12:00)
  • How clarity on personal values improves family life. (14:41)
  • Our personal list of top priorities. (15:48)
  • Why self-care is not selfish. (17:15)
  • Two personal traits you need to live with intention. (21:44)
  • How the Law of Diminishing Intent impacts your daily drift. (24:02)
  • How to develop the skill of bravery. (25:23)
  • Why making brave decisions is usually easier than you think it will be. (26:45)

We’re super excited about this episode because we know how much these concepts have improved our lives. They can do the same for you. Why not schedule time right now and commit to reflecting on the three questions from this episode? You’ll be amazed at the clarity you gain, and the determination to stay on course toward your biggest goals.

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Thanks great to hear, Mike. Thanks for sharing.

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