Why You Need to Spend Your Days on Paper

Feeling like a slave to your calendar is exhausting. Running from one activity to the next and working long hours is a recipe for burnout—which undermines your well-being and performance.

To break the cycle, you must stop letting your calendar happen to you and start spending your time with intention. And we have a tool to help. In this episode, Megan and Michael walk you through how to leverage the tool “Spend Your Days on Paper,” so you can budget your time just like you budget your money.

When you do, you’ll finally start spending your time where it’s most valuable, boosting your morale and results.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The question to ask to decide how much time off you need
  • How to determine the return on investment for your time
  • The unexpected bonus for your business when you can step away
  • The danger of trying to spend more time than you have
  • Two strategies for translating this tool to your calendar

Access the “Spend Your Days on Paper” tool at leadto.win/paper.