Why You Need a Business Coach

You’ve worked hard and achieved a lot. But success brings a new problem: What to do next. That brings a whole new pressure from your team, your customers, and yourself. You may feel like you’ve used all your best ideas. From here on out, you’re faking it. That can be super stressful.

But there is a way to keep the momentum going. We’ve learned the simple secret to keeping yourself one step ahead of the growth curve—and the competition. You need a coach! And we’ll show you why. 

Make this investment in yourself, and you’ll be energized, in the know, and more successful than ever been before. You can finally break out of the imposter syndrome and feel focused, relaxed, and in control of your business again. 

Here’s a preview of this episode. 

  • When we decided it was imperative to have a coach for ourselves. [1:23]
  • The main thing a coach can help you do. [3:21]
  • How a coach gives you an edge against the competition. [5:16]
  • How a coach keeps you from getting in your own way. [6:01]
  • How the image of coaching has changed from “remedial” to “performance enhancing.” [6:55]
  • Signs that you might need a coach to get to the next level. [9:25]
  • One fallacy that keeps leaders from seeking outside help or advice. [11:25]
  • What a coach can show you that they don’t teach in business school. [11:50]
  • How a coach’s “outside” point of view helps you process failure. [13:50]
  • Why your own team can’t help you in ways a coach can. [14:59]
  • How to “outsource” your mistakes using a coach.[16:29]
  • Why it’s valuable to have a coach with experience outside your industry. [16:55]
  • Two things you need to grow your business that a coach provides. [18:38]
  • How coaching provides breakthrough moments in your thinking. [19:28]
  • Why a coaching session is better than personal “thinking time.” [20:28]
  • The essential presupposition that makes a coach incredibly helpful. [21:19]
  • Key questions a coach will force you to think about. [21:40]
  • How having a coach will help you build a stronger team. [22:51]
  • Why you should block time after coaching sessions for further thought. [24:23]
  • The very best reason why you should hire a coach. [25:51]

Once you’ve listened to the episode, take the free Business Health Assessment. It’ll evaluate your business based on seven metrics. You’ll receive a personalized score on your strengths and weaknesses, and gain real clarity on where a coach can help you most. Try it!

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