What’s Missing from Your Goal Achievement Toolbox?

High achievers thrive on goal setting. So you probably get revved up at the start of a new year or quarter. But the busyness of daily life can drain that enthusiasm quickly. You’re using all the tools you have to keep yourself focused and motivated. But sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. What’s the secret to staying focused and motivated all year long?

Your problem isn’t a lack of discipline. It may simply be a lack of community. Community support is the secret weapon of the highest achievers. By sharing your goals with others, you gain a support community, affirmation, and valuable insights. 

There’s no need to struggle alone! In this episode, we’ll show you the amazing value of having a community of like-minded goal setters around you. Try this, and you’ll wind up achieving more goals than ever before. 

Here’s a peek of this episode. 

  • Why you need support more than you need accountability. [2:40]
  • How we discovered the value of being in a support community. [3:58]
  • Why accountability often backfires. [5:48]
  • The difference between internal and external motivation. [6:53]
  • How group support keeps you motivated when goal achievement is difficult.  [8:10]
  • How negative input inhibits your achievement, and how to counteract it. [9:41]
  • Why pursuing an achievement with others makes you better. [12:24]
  • Why you need a place to celebrate your wins. [13:56]
  • Why it is essential to have a sense of progress toward your biggest goals. [15:14]
  • How giving affirmation to others benefits your momentum. [17:20]
  • How we leverage the power of affirmation to build momentum in our company. [18:21]
  • The easiest way to get advice on pursuing a tough goal. [20:16]
  • The antidote to getting stuck on a meaningful goal. [21:13]
  • The one thing you should never do in offering feedback on goal progress. [23:48]

If you’re serious about getting into a goal support community, check out Compass: Your Full Focus Guide. It’s like an insurance plan for your goals! 

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