Walk Away and Watch it Grow: How to Step Away and Still Win

As business leaders, we've been programmed to think that we have to be chained to our desks and phones, always in meetings, and always ready to drop everything to fix a problem at work. And, of course, we've also been conditioned to think there is simply no time for a vacation.

The good news is that none of that is true.

Since Michael is out on his vacation, today’s episode is taken from a popular webinar that he presented called “Walk Away and Watch it Grow: How Business Owners Can Build a Self-Scaling Company without their Constant Involvement.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to cut your work week and get out of day-to-day management while maintaining ultimate control of a growing company
  • The quick and stress-free move to see if your company is ready for you to step away (but most owners and CEOs are too afraid to try)
  • How to actually take a vacation with complete certainty your business will not fall apart in your absence
  • 3 elements that make up the secret sauce of a company that continues to thrive as you step back
  • And so much more…

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