Using the Double Win to Beat Back Work That’s Out of Control

Work is out of control. You’re always busy and always on, even when you’re at home with your family. But it feels like something you can’t help. Or maybe even something you can’t let go of. What’s really going on?


This week, Michael and Megan dig into the problem behind the problem and why so many of us buy into the Cult of Overwork. They’ll show you the detrimental effects of stress and working too many hours and help you find clarity about the under-the-surface reasons you might be overworking, so you can start walking instead toward the Double Win. 

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The false dichotomy of the Hustle Fallacy vs. the Ambition Brake
  • 5 false beliefs that lead to the Cult of Overwork
  • The harmful ways stress shows up in our bodies
  • 7 reasons we tend to overwork