Upgrade Your Habits, Change Your Life

Whether you notice them or not, you have habits. Some—like sleeping through your alarm or cutting it close on your deadlines—undermine your success. Others chart a path towards achieving your goals.

In this episode, Megan and Larry delve into the power of habits. They explore how habits simplify your life by leveraging the power of automation. They identify how habits can help or hinder your most important work. And, they explore why it’s true that what you do shapes who you are.

When you leverage the power of habits, you’ll stop wasting energy on repetitive decisions, gain momentum around achieving your goals, and take actionable steps toward becoming the leader you want to be.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Examples of simple habits you can automate
  • How creating habits helps save you time and energy
  • Why habits might be the key to meeting your achievement goal
  • What makes creating chains of habits so effective
  • How creating habits helps lead to personal transformation