Unleash the Power of Constraints

You never could have expected it. The diagnosis, the accident, the pandemic, the family crisis, the job loss. You knew where you wanted to go and how to get there. Then the rules changed. Now, you’re chafing under the new restrictions and longing to return to what used to be normal. But what if constraints are exactly where new possibilities lie?

In this episode, Michael and Megan model embracing restraints. They reveal how boundaries create freedom and new rules drive innovation. Their stories of breakthroughs will challenge you to move from “If only…” to “What does this make possible?” This shift won’t just empower you to adapt. It will unlock new possibilities you never could have anticipated.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Questions you can ask to identify new opportunities.
  • True stories of profitable changes that resulted from new constraints.
  • How to pivot from fighting constraints to finding new ways forward.
  • Why a shorter workday might be the key to enhancing your productivity.
  • Insight into creating a culture that embraces constraints.