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Session Topics

1. The Double Win – In this session, you’ll discover the 3 essential building blocks for Business Accelerator success, all of which will drive top performance and accelerate your success. You’ll learn how to evaluate your current reality, cast an actionable vision, develop a solid productivity rhythm, and evaluate and track goal-driven results throughout the year. You’ll also discover simple processes to trigger action, overcome obstacles, and upgrade your strategy when you need to pivot.

2. Focus On Your Strengths – Ending the overwhelm is the first step in accelerating your business results. This comes down to three factors: (1) what you will do; (2) what you won’t do; (3) and the energy it takes to perform at your best. Any leadership style can be a strength, if you’re aware of it and intentionally use it to your advantage. In this session, you’ll discover the remedy for your overstuffed task list and chronic overwhelm. You’ll learn to use the one tool that empowers you (and your team) to focus on high-leverage tasks (and avoid all the rest). 

3. Delegation Mastery – Maximizing your contribution to your business requires handing off your low-leverage work to your team. If you want something done right, you don’t have to do it yourself. But you do need to become an expert delegator. To do that, you need a practical strategy for empowering your team to exceed your expectations on the first try, every time. Mastering our practical tool will equip you to delegate with confidence—all you have to do is put it into practice.

4. Rapid Scaling – Now that you’ve ended the overwhelm, set winning goals, and delegated everything except your most important work, you’re ready to scale. In this session, we’ll share our Marketing Ascension Model and two pivotal sales strategies. You’ll learn how to identify and attract new customers—and how to get them excited about the products or services you provide. By the end of the day, you’ll be equipped to keep track of prospects at a glance, make the perfect pitch, and track your follow up—so no sales are lost due to miscommunication or oversight.

5. Mission & Values – In this session, you’ll learn the key to strategic planning, along with time-tested methods for aligning your team around big, audacious goals—from visioneering to vision-casting. You’ll discover the four cultural drivers of a high-performing team, and how to launch new initiatives with minimal investment of time and resources.

6. Team Alignment – Some of the biggest challenges of successful growth are ineffective communication, team disconnect, and scope creep. In this session, you’ll learn how to create alignment and restore it when your team gets out of sync and how to pace yourself and your team to perform at your best. You’ll also discover the secret to saying no without burning bridges.

7. Simple Solutions to Common Money Mistakes – While financial chaos creates scarcity, financial control creates freedom. In this session, you’ll discover four solutions to common money mistakes. In addition, you’ll learn how to avoid crises in your business using five key financial reports. You’ll also discover a diagnostic process for pinpointing problem spots in your business and how to turn them around.

8. Hiring Roadmap – Hiring the wrong person costs thousands and thousands of dollars. This session reveals the secrets of when and how to hire for success. You’ll discover: (1) a proven process for acquiring high-octane team members who help you reach your goals faster; (2) the one tool you need to position team members in jobs to get the most from their skills and abilities; (3) how to harness the strengths of your team and become a master delegator; and (4) which personality profiling systems can help you bring out the best in yourself and your team.

9. Strategic Planning – Your team needs a clear plan to make your vision a reality. In this session, you’ll deep dive into strategic planning. You’ll learn a process for developing a solid, forward-thinking vision, how to identify and craft appropriate three-year goals, and how to then break down your long-term vision to build out appropriate annual goals that helps your team make predictable progress year over year. 

10. Optimizing Team Culture – Advanced scaling requires cultivating team culture that replicates your passion without tying you to the day-to-day. According to Harvard Business Review, investing in your culture can boost net income over 700% in eleven years. In this session, you'll learn how it’s done, including practical steps you can use to create a values-driven, high-performing culture. You’ll learn how to leverage candor to cultivate team loyalty, how to create experiences that get your employees invested in your vision, and how to replicate the distinctive values you’d impart one-on-one to a small staff on a much larger scale. 

11. Agility Toolkit – Now more than ever, it’s critical for a leader to be able to react, respond, and adapt on a moment’s notice. Being an agile leader will ensure you continually improve your business today in the most effective and efficient ways, regardless of what may or may not happen tomorrow. In this session, you will learn the four phases of the agility wheel, which will allow you and your team to execute quickly and strategically, regardless of what is happening in your market or the world. 

12. Effective Innovation – Innovation is the driver of business growth. If you want to experience rapid growth, you need to know how to cultivate a mindset, environment, and process that encourages and supports company-wide innovation. In this session, you will evaluate your own innovation mindset, create a plan for creating an innovation-driving culture, and learn the single best tool for empowering your people to invest in your business future. 

13. Continuity/Succession Planning – If you want your business to grow beyond you, it’s critical that the day-to-day operations and the overall vision and mission of your company can thrive in your absence. Besides, no one wants to feel chained to their work 365 days a year, twenty-four hours a day. In this session, you will learn how to experience personal freedom and financial growth simultaneously by following essential steps to building business continuity. As a result, it will finally be possible for you to take an extended vacation or even a sabbatical without compromising your business growth or overall success. 

14. Team Development – When your team is growing, your business will too. This session is dedicated to team development. You’ll learn how to cultivate the four elements essential to growth, from your thinking and relationships to your communication and meeting rhythms. When you lead the way in equipping each member of your team to excel in their roles, the result will be improved morale, performance, and innovation—and a team ready to meet the ever-evolving needs of a growing company.

15. Customer Experience – The experience of your customers shapes the future of your business. When you engage well with the needs, concerns, and ideas of your customers, the benefits are better products, higher profit, and a happier team. But how do you get there? In this session, you’ll identify specific moments in your customer’s experience you need to improve. You’ll define what those improvements should look like. And you’ll discover how your customer’s experience connects to your leadership—and how you can lead differently to secure better results.