The Right Way to Fire the Wrong Employee

Leaders inevitably must fire people occasionally. The problem is that most of us hate conflict and shy away from confrontational situations. That makes terminations incredibly stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve identified three simple guidelines that will help you turn a termination into a win for your company—and even for the person you fire. Use these in your business, and you’ll never shy away from managing performance again. You’ll gain the confidence you need to prune your workforce so it achieve at an even higher level.

In this episode, you will—

  • Learn the two primary reasons for terminating a team member.
  • Understand which employee problems can be coached and which cannot.
  • See the basic difference between performance and character.
  • Find out why terminations should be done promptly.
  • Gain a simple outline for a termination meeting.
  • Identify the first words to say when letting a team member go.