The Trait That Destroys Any Team—And Its Antidote

There’s an unhealthy attitude forming on your team. Requests are consistently met with grumbling—even an occasional outright, “That’s not my job.” Where is this attitude coming from? And how do you counter it before it derails your team’s growth and success?


In this episode, Michael and Megan dive into the danger of entitlement. They’ll show you how it can creep into your organization and what you can do about it. By focusing on contribution, you can cultivate a team dedicated to helpfulness, excellence, and enthusiastic service. It all comes back to team culture, and that culture begins with you.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The one trait that defines leadership
  • Warning signs of entitlement
  • Why true, healthy leaders can’t not contribute
  • The three markers of enthusiastic contribution
  • What makes a posture of gratitude so powerful