The Pruning Principle

Botanists will tell you to have a vision for how you want a plant to look before you start pruning it. The same is true for your life and your business.

Whether you're talking about programs, processes, personal commitments, or even people, over time, they all tend to accumulate. You simply end up with more of everything. However, overgrowth impedes your ability to scale yourself and your business. In order to grow, you're going to have to prune.

In the first episode of the Business Accelerator podcast, we tackle the Pruning Principle. First, Full Focus’s Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller talk about four key areas that business owners can target when thinking about pruning: programs, processes, people, and even personal obligations.

Then, Joel Miller, Chief Content Officer, talks with author Dr. Henry Cloud about how the Pruning Principle intersects with the ideas in his book Necessary Endings. Dr. Cloud offers some valuable insights into why leaders often struggle to prune their businesses.

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