The One Trait You Need to Lead Through Crisis

When you’re leading through a crisis, it can feel like you’re making it up as you go along. You’re reacting to a new set of circumstances almost every day, and you never have all the facts. Are people following you? Are they doubting your authority? It’s unnerving.

Based on leading through crises large and small, we’ve learned one valuable lesson: Your primary leadership capital is not your authority, it’s you. When people trust you, they will follow you. And we can show you the five assets you need to develop in order to build that trust.

When you do, you’ll go from questioning yourself to moving confidently. Your team will follow because they trust you, not because they have to. And you’ll wind up with a more agile, highly motivated workforce.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How to develop empathy if it’s not in your wheelhouse.
  • Practical tips for learning and growing in your appreciation for your teammates’ experiences.
  • Why candor is important (and necessary) in your approach to communication.
  • Times when being overly-optimistic can actually hurt you—and what to do instead.
  • What you must do for your team when changes have to be made.
  • The one thing you must have if you expect your team to continue following you through a crisis.