The Keys to Creating Habits that Last

The ability to establish habits is a powerful skill—but too many people give up only a few weeks in. It’s bound to happen when you fail to harness one of your most important assets in habit creation: your why.

Staying connected with the reason you started can be the difference between giving up and pressing on. In this episode, Megan and Michael discuss the practices that keep your why top-of-mind. When you master these practices, you’ll move from dropping out of the race to finishing with flying colors. 

End the habit frustration and start experiencing the impact of incremental change.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Why forgetting your why undermines your success
  • Stories of how habit motivations change over time
  • Permission to stop striving for habit perfection
  • Why celebration is vital for progress
  • How to leverage tools in the Full Focus Planner to create habits that last