“I have more confidence in myself as a leader, and I am okay allowing my team far more latitude than I did when I first took over because I felt like I had to have all the answers.”


“After we joined BusinessAccelerator, the next year we grew 160%. The year after that—even in the middle of a pandemic—we grew 33%. We are on track to grow 60% more than that this year.”


“Once I joined BusinessAccelerator, I finally felt like I was fulfilling my calling in life; that my business was becoming more than a means of income, but an outlet for my passion, principles, and love for people. The best part of it all is along the way I don’t have to miss out on what matters most.”


“BusinessAccelerator allows you to dream bigger dreams for yourself. The value far outweighs the investment. You can grow your business and still live your life.”


“I used to be the lid on my business. Learning to delegate enabled me to focus on what matters most.”


“For people that want to lead better, this program is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”


“The three most powerful results my business had from BusinessAccelerator was 40% increase in revenue, a 50% increase in client base, as well as myself and my team have a work-life balance we can be happy about.”


“The Freedom Compass is a life-changer. It’s proven pivotal in how I approach everything.”


“One of the results of BusinessAccelerator was a new revenue stream that within the first 90 days, exceeded six figures. On top of that, I’ve been able to enjoy more vacation time in a 12-month period than I ever have before.”


“Before coaching, I was lost, confused, and lacking the tools for success. Since joining BusinessAccelerator, I’ve grown as a person, improved my marriage, and grown my business. My life is now more enjoyable than I ever thought possible.”


“Because of BusinessAccelerator, I no longer answer emails at night, I no longer answer emails on the weekend, and I have the best family vacations I ever had.”


“BusinessAccelerator has changed my life dramatically. I can’t imagine that I would still be producing at the level I’m producing if it weren’t for Business Accelerator. I needed to figure out how to get out of my own way.”


“Over the last year, we’ve seen an excess of 100% growth without any question.”


“Being in the BusinessAccelerator program has really increased my confidence, mainly because I didn’t have the confidence to go in a different direction. What BAC did, was put me on the right track. I’m so focused now on what I should be focused on.”