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Angie Deming

Angie traveled regularly for her business, and wanted to build more margin into her life for her family. With the lessons learned from BusinessAccelerator, she was able to gain back 12 hours a week from work, she's not away from her family every other weekend, and her business grew an incredible 83% in 2020.

Tanya DiSalvo

As a business owner and mother of two kids playing travel sports, Tanya figured sleep was something she could do later. When her company hit a rough patch, Tanya decided she needed coaching to get back on track—and this decision made all the difference. Now Tanya works just 45-hours per week and profitability has jumped to 30%.

Mo Bunnell

Minor emergencies, no backup, and the inability to take a day off if he wanted to started to add up. When Mo began participating in business coaching, he changed his approach to work, resulting in more freedom in his personal life. And the business results were dramatic, growing 160% the first year, 33% during the pandemic, and on pace to grow 60% this year--all while working 6 hours less per week.

Danielle Brooks

Danielle was the cork in the bottle for her company, and she knew it. With BusinessAccelerator, Danielle received the systems, training, and community she’d been wanting. With the systems and coaching she received from BusinessAccelerator, Danielle took a two-month maternity leave—completely unplugged. While on leave, business rolled in, sales remained steady, and clients were served without her daily involvement.

Dr. Jonathan Lazar

Jonathan used to work all the time and knew he couldn't keep up the pace. When April 2020 found his business down 85%, BusinessAccelerator showed him how to pivot, resulting in an 81% increase in business over the previous three years. Jonathan even started a third business and is enjoying weekends off and more family time. As he puts it, Jonathan can't believe BusinessAccelerator has helped him as much as it has.

Bill Prettyman

Bill led an exhausting executive lifestyle before Business Accelerator. Now, he no longer answers emails at night or weekends and has the best family vacations of his life. He’s grown his revenue by more than 40% over the last 2 years while doubling his bottom line.

Nancy Rieves

Nancy didn’t have the confidence to scale her business faster. But after joining BusinessAccelerator, she discovered exactly what she should focus on to grow her business.

Tiffany Bailey

After spending a decade of her life working nights and weeks, Tiffany now enjoys more margin and time with her family. In addition to this, she grew her business from $2.9M to $5.1M (almost exactly 67% growth).

Roy Barberi

Roy regained 20 hours of work each week while scaling his revenue 50% (from $24M to $51M) in his first year of BusinessAccelerator.

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