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Business Accelerator Podcast

Owning a small business can feel like being thrown out of an airplane and trying to build a parachute before hitting the ground. In the Business Accelerator® podcast, you’ll discover the strategies, tools, and tactics to grow your business without sacrificing your health, family, or personal life in the process. You’ll be a fly on the wall for exclusive interviews with battle-hardened business experts and get to hear live coaching calls with business owners just like you, where you’ll gain insight into other industries and breakthrough ideas. Join Founder and Chair Michael Hyatt, CEO Megan Hyatt Miller, and team each week to learn how to grow your business while living the life you want.

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Task Delegator

Imagine spending 90% of your time on work that’s in your “desire zone” – the type of work you’re best at and most passionate about. This isn’t just a nice idea. As a business owner, it’s the only way to make your highest contribution. Download this Task Delegator to learn how to eliminate, automate, or delegate your non-desire zone activities, so you can scale your business without having to sacrifice everything else.

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Ideal Work and Life Designer

As business owners, we know what we value most in our heads, but our calendars play out a completely different story. The Ideal Work and Life Designer will guide you to define your priorities and create a “budget” for every minute of your week, so you can reclaim control of your story, protect what matters most, and enjoy more personal time while your business continues to grow.

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Vision Caster Template

For most of us, the days of walking across the hall to articulate how we want a project done are gone. But our organizations still need a clear vision so they can get the job done right the first time. Use this Vision Caster Template to clearly articulate your expectations and set your team up for success, even when working remotely.

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The biweekly newsletter setting busy entrepreneurs free from overwhelm, so they can succeed in life and business. Delivered every other Thursday, each issue is deliberately succinct so you can take what you need and apply it for rapid results.

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Why risk going it alone?

After years of coaching successful business owners from seven- to eight-figures and beyond, we’ve found that walking alongside you with personal coaching is the greatest lever to grow your business, reduce stress, and cut back on your involvement in the day-to-day management minutiae.