Reset Your Expectations for Meetings

“Meetings are the worst.” We've all said that at one point in time. Perhaps you even own the “I survived another meeting” coffee mug! People's complaints usually center on the idea that meetings are long, boring, and not even that useful for you or your organization.

But what if meetings themselves are actually good?

As a leader, how can you make sure that your meetings are productive and efficient? What might that mean for your business?

In this episode, two different guests will help you supercharge your meetings. First, Joel Miller speaks with Full Focus CEO, Megan Hyatt Miller, about how to optimize the time you spend in meetings. After that, Joel is joined by Full Focus Chief Experience Officer, Erin Perry, to talk about how to optimize meetings themselves. If you can get these two topics under your belt, you’ll see a tremendous change in both the pacing of your meetings and the return on investment for your business.

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