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Stories of the Double Win.

  • As the president of a company with headquarters in Canada and the United States, Jim’s life was out of sync. He traveled 100+ days a year, worked 60+ hour weeks, and wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. After working with BusinessAccelerator, everything flipped. Jim slashed his work week by 20 hours, achieved 10x operating profit, doubled his revenue, and more. Jim’s business is thriving, and he’s finally living a healthy, balanced life.

  • When her partner was pulled away to lead her state’s COVID response team, Stefanie had nobody to lean on as pressure mounted in her business. As the leader of a change management company, the stakes are always high. BusinessAccelerator gave Stefanie the support she was missing, and the result was less anxiety, fewer work hours, and the resources to persevere.

  • As the president and CEO of a community foundation, being more effective was bigger than just her performance—the impact could be felt by people who would otherwise fall through the cracks. After following the advice she received during one of the weekly BusinessAccelerator calls, she launched a comprehensive ad campaign that was wildly successful, driving revenues up 41%, while enabling her organization to put more than $2 million back into the community.

  • As Rod Woods and his wife’s company grew, they had less time for things at work and home, and the busyness made choosing which tasks to focus on a challenge. They knew they needed help. After working with BusinessAccelerator, they grew their business by 169%, and are projecting to cross the $2 million mark this year. Best of all, Rod cut the hours he works from 65 hours a week down to 40. Now they’re working less and growing more.

  • “I have more confidence in myself as a leader, and I am okay allowing my team far more latitude than I did when I first took over because I felt like I had to have all the answers.”

  • “After we joined BusinessAccelerator, the next year we grew 160%. The year after that—even in the middle of a pandemic—we grew 33%. We are on track to grow 60% more than that this year.”

  • “Once I joined BusinessAccelerator, I finally felt like I was fulfilling my calling in life; that my business was becoming more than a means of income, but an outlet for my passion, principles, and love for people. The best part of it all is along the way I don’t have to miss out on what matters most.”

  • “BusinessAccelerator allows you to dream bigger dreams for yourself. The value far outweighs the investment. You can grow your business and still live your life.”

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