Productivity by Enneagram Type (Part 1)

Leaders all want to achieve. But sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Either we’re too perfectionistic, or too much of a people pleaser, or so much of a conflict avoider that we have trouble getting things done. It’s frustrating and discouraging to fall into the same old traps over and over. 

There’s a better way. We’ve got expert advice on a proven, helpful system for understanding your unique stressors and motivations, and those of the people around you. When you understand yourself, you’ll finally start working with yourself instead of against yourself. You’ll escape that nagging regret of falling prey to your own foibles, and your productivity will skyrocket.

In this first of two episodes, we’re joined by Ian Morgan Cron, author of The Road Back to You and an expert on the Enneagram. Ian shares valuable insights on the essential characteristics of each type. He also shares how they influence productivity both positively and negatively.

Best of all, you’ll hear important tips for maximizing productivity by majoring on the strengths of your type and minimizing the weaknesses. 

When we’re done, you’ll have a basic idea of how to improve your productivity based on your unique personality! 

Plus, download this free resource, Productivity by Enneagram TypeIt’s a quick-reference guide that lists the key strengths and challenges that each type faces when it comes to productivity. 

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