Anatomy of a Tough Talk

Our success as leaders often comes down to one thing. Not our planning. Not the market. But, instead, the conversations we lead. When stakes are high (and emotions even higher) you need a solid game-plan. In this episode, we break down a three-phase strategy for winning with your next crucial conversation.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • One of the primary reasons people don’t have tough talks
  • Why Steve Jobs got kicked out of a meeting with the board of directors for a charity event (and what he learned from it)
  • The difference between hoping things will go well in your conversation and knowing what to do to help make it happen
  • One simple strategy for getting crystal clear and accomplishing your desired outcome
  • Why difficult conversations are not only necessary but inevitable
  • Steps to take before and during a tough talk so you accomplish your goals, maximize receptivity, and maintain respect for everyone involved

You can read the full transcript here.