Taking the Stress Out of Business Travel

Business travel can be incredibly stressful. For years, we've been honing our travel routine to perfection. In this episode, we'll show you exactly how to hit the road without losing time or arriving tired.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why business leaders often miss important opportunities due to travel fatigue.
  • How to arrive at your destination fresh, rested, and ready for action.
  • Why seat upgrades are a solid investment.
  • Four travel upgrades that are always a solid investment.
  • The best travel bag for a short-term business trip.
  • Low-cost alternatives to high-end travel gear.
  • The one “magic bag” that you should take on every business trip.

This week, we also released a special bonus episode featuring an interview with Michael’s Executive Assistant, Jim Kelly. He discusses all the ninja tricks and travel apps he uses to plan Michael’s travel masterfully. Check it out in the resources section. →