Next-Level Strategies for Weekly Planning

Leaders like to plan their work and work their plan. The problem is that real-life gets in the way. Interruptions, distractions, and unforeseen problems can make a trainwreck of your week even before it leaves the station. By Friday, you can feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and wonder, “What did I really accomplish?” There’s got to be a better way to plan your week. 

Well, there is! And we can teach it to you. We’ve seen our share of Monday-to-Friday chaos, and we’ve developed a simple system that lets you take control of your week and ensure that you stay focused.

Try these next-level strategies, and you’ll finally escape the sickening feeling of never getting anything done. You’re going to start loving Mondays again!

Here’s a preview of this episode. 

  • What it feels like to have your week blown apart on Monday morning. [1:37]
  • High-level overview of the Weekly Preview concept. [3:50]
  • The psychological edge you get from listing your wins. [5:40]
  • Quick summary of the After Action Review format. [6:38]
  • Three questions you must ask yourself before diving into next week. [7:39]
  • The big advantage you pass up by not pausing to review your performance every week. [9:13]
  • The three places you must look every week to be sure nothing falls through the cracks. [10:00]
  • A new element in the three planner lines that debut this month. [12:23]
  • Why you absolutely should put personal items on your weekly tasks lists. [13:58]
  • How to select your Weekly Big 3. [14:35]
  • Why self-care must be considered a leadership discipline. [16:55]
  • Why where you do your Weekly Preview really matters. [19:47]
  • The best way to refresh your motivation for your quarterly goals. [21:12]
  • A simple hack to get yourself excited about the week ahead. [23:29]

Don’t miss out on the free download that goes along with this episode, the Perfect Progress Checklist. It’s a simple tool to tuck inside your Full Focus Planner to kick your weekly planning into high gear. Get yours now. 

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