Michael Answers Your Questions

Leaders are problem solvers, and that means coming up with the right answers. The problem is that you may have nowhere to ask your own questions. Sometimes you just need a little feedback.

The longer we’re in leadership, the more we’re convinced that asking the right questions is far more important than always having an answer in your hip pocket.

That’s why we take time out once in awhile to let you ask the questions that are on your mind. That’s what this episode is about. Think of it as a Q&A with your virtual mentors! We’ll tackle some of your most persistent questions and offer the benefit of our experience. 

Here’s what’s inside this episode:

  • Andy Comer asks how to create meaningful relationship goals in the SMARTER™  format. [1:20]
  • Jordan Brittley wants to know how to keep track of revenue goals—without becoming a slave to them. [5:43]
  • Sprout Marketing asks how to maintain a personal connection with employees as your business scales. [7:58]
  • Tom Tonkin poses a question about the definition of leadership. [10:01]
  • Katie Eckleman wants to know how to share her ideas about goal setting with upper management. [12:03]
  • Heather Button asks what to do when another department in the company isn’t leading effectively. [13:14]
  • Chad Ingels wants to know what are the first things to delegate as you scale up from a one-person organization. [17:34]
  • Kim Metzler asks for the best systems and hacks for someone who struggles with organization. [19:52]
  • Belinda wants to know when to “let go” of a project. [20:54]
  • Dee asks about how to land a job. [21:34]
  • Greg Brown has a question about how to balance your focus between the things you can control versus the things you can’t. [23:54]
  • Kevin Gomez wonders what to do when you personal growth plan causes you to outgrow your leaders. [26:28]

With questions on leadership, productivity, goal setting, and personal growth, we know there’ll be some positive takeaways for you in this episode. After listening, here’s your next step: Choose one practical action you can take today. Remember, big changes always begin with a single step in the right direction. 

So What’s Your Question?

All of the questions on today’s episode came in through our personal Instagram accounts. We love hearing from people on social media! If we’re not connected, you can fix that right now at @michaelhyatt and @meganhyattmiller.

We’d love to hear  your questions too. We’ll answer more listener questions in a future episode. 

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