Grow Your Business Through Today’s Uncertainty

With the global pandemic and everything that came with it, now more than ever, business owners need proven systems, guidance, and the support of other successful leaders who are willing to pour into them as they move beyond survival and into growth mode.

And that’s why we made the decision to offer you an opportunity to join our hybrid BusinessAccelerator coaching program.

Keeping You Growing — Conveniently and Safely

One of the most impactful aspects of BusinessAccelerator is the quarterly intensive. These live events are a time of laser-focused work where you plan, execute, and scale your business.

This isn’t about book-learning or discussions about business theories.

The intensive is an investment where you chart the direction of your business and then execute that plan—the surest way of making sure your business isn’t adrift in uncertain times.

Normally, these intensives are held live and in person at the Harpeth Hotel in Franklin, TN.

Due to concerns about COVID-19, we’re offering a hybrid format: you can join us in person, or take part virtually.

And if you opt for the virtual intensive experience, you’ll be delighted to know that we’ve pulled out all the stops, including:


Over-the-top production quality

We’ve set up a big television studio in the Harpeth Hotel ballroom, complete with a full (masked) production team that’s poised to deliver you an exceptional experience.


Added extras to keep you engaged

We all know virtual meetings can become tedious affairs, so we’ve added physical components to the virtual intensive to keep you alert, interested, and engaged throughout the event.


Intimate connections (that don’t feel “virtually limited”)

You’ll be delighted with the creative way the Client Care team facilitates personal connection, making the experience as close as possible to the connection we all feel when we’re together onsite.

While we wait for conditions to improve to ensure the safety of you and our team, above all we are committed to helping you and your business survive and thrive.

Choosing Virtual? This Online Event Leaves You Energized (and Other Pleasant Surprises)

BusinessAccelerator coaching is packed with additional benefits you wouldn’t expect from a purely virtual experience.


Saves You Time

Since the start of the pandemic, time has never been more valuable and the stakes have never been higher.

For that reason, saving two or more travel days as well as the associated costs to and from this intensive is invaluable. This is time you can redeploy for a personal retreat closer to home, or other operational needs in your business.

Amy Porterfield

“I absolutely loved the energy and flow of the virtual intensive. Not having to travel and being able to learn in the comfort of my home saved so much money and time, and gave me peace of mind during these uncertain times. The experience was just as good as being in person and I am looking forward to the next virtual experience!”

—Amy Porterfield, Host of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast


Virtual or In-Person, Get The Support You Need To Weather Storms And Come Out Stronger

BusinessAccelerator helps business owners scale their businesses without sacrificing their health, personal lives, and families. And it all happens because of our proven group coaching approach.

Situation-Driven Training

Situation-driven training is flexible and customized to the challenges of your business. This type of training includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls with Michael Hyatt and other coaches. Get real-time answers to the toughest challenges you and your business face today.
  • Monthly Expert Spotlight. Join live conversations with some of the nation's most sought-after experts on a variety of subjects, including marketing, hiring and retention, financial planning, and more.

Systems-Driven Training

Without reliable systems, your business cannot scale. We will bring you through a unique process that gives business owners from any industry a path to growth. This includes:

  • Quarterly Coaching Intensives. At each virtual intensive, you'll receive advanced training and a custom toolkit designed to help you take action immediately. The day is structured so it ends with your company's "next steps" already in motion. Our team of coaches personally guide you through your specific challenges, with the goal of sending you into the next quarter with the clarity and motivation to succeed.

Community-Driven Training

You will connect with like-minded business owners who have been pre-qualified by our team and are at your level. This mastermind will be a safe place to openly test your ideas, thinking, and help you avoid mistakes and harness your potential. This includes:

  • Monthly Executive Mastermind. You will be placed with a handpicked group of 6-9 other business owners or leaders. Each month, you’ll meet virtually with a specific agenda to help you discover opportunities, collaborate for solutions, and get the support you need to grow beyond your comfort zone. If you want to push past your limits, you need accountability. This executive mastermind is the group that'll hold you accountable.
  • Digital Community. BusinessAccelerator provides you with a virtual platform to connect with the 475+ clients in our program at any time. That means that if you have a question or need instant feedback, you can get it from our team and experienced client base any day of the week.

Here’s what BusinessAccelerator member Rob Thompson said about attending the virtual intensive:

Rob Thompson

After such an incredible experience at the in-person Business Accelerator events, I was skeptical about experiencing a meeting of this size on a virtual platform and was dreading more ‘Zoom fatigue.’ I resolved to keep an open mind and not have a “limiting belief,” and I’m so glad I did! I was blown away by the virtual version and could not believe how fast the day went by. This was the best virtual meeting I’ve ever experienced. It almost felt like being there in person, and in some ways was more productive than if we had been. I was most impressed by how smoothly it flowed and appreciated the thought that went into the time blocking, break timing, and the breakout rooms via Zoom (new to me), which added so much value to the experience and structure.

—Rob Thompson


Focus on the Growth of Your Business However You’re Most Comfortable

Whether you choose to join us in person or virtually, attending our BusinessAccelerator coaching events guarantees you’ll continue to making progress on the most high-leverage initiatives that drive your company to its next important milestones.

To that end, we’re committed to creating a space for you to reflect, grow, envision, and strategize each quarter so you’re always designing your future, never drifting to a destination you wouldn’t choose.

Dan Arnsperger was particularly grateful for this benefit:

Dan Arnsperger

In the COVID world, things are moving faster. Our business is growing. I need thought leaders more than ever.

But, also, I haven’t been on an airplane since early March. Currently, our team is asking “What does it look like to be 95% virtual until a vaccine?” Travel just seems off the table unless truly urgent. I still have my parents in my bubble of people we see and they are high risk so I am very cautious about how I travel. Plus, saving the 1-2 days was a game-changer. I loved the Zoom content. Loved the breakouts. Michael and the team made the day engaging and fun. Loved the chat feature. Loved how I could take notes directly into my computer on a side screen and my summary and action plan was being built for me during the content.

Maybe most importantly, during the meeting, I was slacking with our head of finance, and by the end of the day we had agreed on the next steps that she put into Asana and we are now making happen.

—Dan Arsperger

Great Results. No Matter What.

If you feel that weekly coaching, executive masterminds, access to top experts, and quarterly focused intensives will help you guide your business to a place of security and growth, we invite you to apply for one of the limited BusinessAccelerator openings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When will I receive my attendance kit and attendance information?

    You will receive your box prior to your intensive. We’ll be emailing you digital copies of everything, so should there be any shipping issues (as we’ve seen during this time) you’ll still have everything you need to be successful the day of the intensive.

  • What's different this time versus last time?

    We've added extra WOW to the whole experience, plus additional ways to help you connect with your BusinessAccelerator peers. We're also committed to helping you better prepare for this experience so you can get the most out of your intensive. We'll be in touch with more details about all of this soon!

  • What's the access link for my intensive?

    You'll receive all of your attendance information via email a week before your intensive.

  • When will the intensives be in person again?

    We want to meet in-person as soon as possible. It’s our desire to be with you but also protect our team and do what’s best for you! We promise to keep you informed as we are making these important decisions about your health and safety.

  • How can I get the most out of the virtual experience?

    We'll set you up for success with a physical attendance kit plus a detailed plan sent via email. We’ll provide you with important details and a checklist of ways you can best prepare for your virtual intensive. Watch for this in your inbox.

  • Will there be breaks during the virtual intensives?

    We will give you plenty of breaks to combat Zoom fatigue, plus an adequate lunch break.

  • How long is the day?

    We will begin at 9:45 am CT and wrap up our day promptly at 4:00 pm CT.

  • How do you overcome Zoom fatigue?

    Taking short breaks throughout the day is important, as well as stretching and incorporating movement. These are all great ways to battle Zoom fatigue. We encourage you to get a good night's rest the evening before, and leave your evening free after your intensive so you can adequately recover.

  • How can I get the support I need if we’re not in person?

    Our Client Care team is on hand for you in the chat or you can reach us via email. We'll be monitoring our inbox closely, should you need anything. We’ll also have ample time for Questions & Insights at our intensive so you can get coaching if you get stuck.

  • Will I get a binder and other materials like we do for the in-person gatherings?

    We will send your physical attendance kit in the mail with your binder plus a few goodies to help you have the best experience possible.

  • I would like to attend the intensive virtually at the Harpeth Hotel. Do we have a discounted rate?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to attend the intensive virtually at the hotel. However, both the ballroom and the ballroom lobby are closed to Business Accelerator guests.

    To reserve a room at our Business Accelerator group rate, please contact Kimberly Elder.

    The Harpeth Hotel—Kimberly Elder


    Phone: 615-206-7510

    With regards to the hotel room rate, it’s important we distinguish that this is a hotel-offered courtesy rate to our clients (but not a MHCO sanctioned room block).