How to Take Care of Your Team Right Now

2021 has arrived—and we’re still navigating the prolonged effects of the pandemic. You’ve probably seen the impact on your team. But their productivity feels more important than ever. How can you do what’s best for your team and your company?


The answer might surprise you. Taking care of your team isn’t just an exercise in integrity and altruism. It’s a smart business strategy. As Megan and Michael make the case for why caring well for your team builds your business, you’ll be challenged to lead from a place of greater empathy and intentionality.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • An experiment undertaken at Michael Hyatt &Co.
  • The power of benefits to communicate care
  • How company culture shapes retention and recruitment
  • Why you’re probably measuring productivity the wrong way
  • A reminder that we care when people care about us