How to Simplify Systems for Business Growth

Do you know why Steve Jobs insisted that the original iPhone have only one button? Because nothing succeeds like simplicity. Take out your iPhone, if you have one, and compare it to a Comcast remote. See the difference? Sleek simplicity versus mind-boggling complexity.

We all know that simplicity increases speed and fuels business growth. But we seem to be stuck with clunky, cumbersome business systems. And they multiply like rabbits! Hiring, project approval, communication tools, and even expense reporting can be numbingly complex and tedious.

We feel that too, which is why we recently simplified one of the main aspects of our business, our software solutions. We now use a combination of only four products to run our business: G-suite, Slack, Spark, and Asana. Are they the best tools out there? We don’t know, but they’re the simplest ones that meet our needs. We’re collaborating faster and better than ever before. And our team loves it. Simplicity always wins.

In this episode, we  show you how to simplify your business systems. Not just tech, but everything you do.

My (Megan’s) husband and our chief content officer, Joel Miller, joins us to explain why complexity is such a huge problem for many businesses, and how you can eradicate it with four deliberate actions.

Here’s an overview of this episode—

  • Joel explains why complexity multiplies so quickly in a business.
  • We talk about the subtle clues that complex systems, not true business needs, are creating the need for more staff.
  • We offer tips to help you recognize complexity creep.
  • Michael opens up about the a-ha moment when he realized the need to simplify our product line.
  • We give real-world advice for eradicating complex systems from your business.

One more thing. After you listen to this episode, don’t be afraid to take the plunge and start eliminating tools, processes, or even products that are slowing you down. Sometimes it’s hard to let go, but you will never regret making your business simpler and more responsive. You can do this!

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