How to Rejuvenate with a Staycation

Many leaders are running on fumes right now. We’ve been dealing with the pandemic for months. For many businesses, the climate is still uncertain. Time off seems impossible, and a lot of leaders feel exhausted and frustrated. This is a recipe for burnout.

Today we are going to dispel the myth that you can’t afford to take time off during the pandemic. We’re going to show you how to have your most rejuvenating vacation ever. Yes, even during COVID. 

It’s necessary to provide good self-care, especially now. And today we’ve got four steps to the best staycation ever.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Tips for making sure your team is systematically rejuvenated and ready to do their best work.
  • How to avoid getting sucked into daily housework when you’re on a staycation.
  • The importance of staying connected to your motivations when approaching time off.
  • Questions to ask yourself when preparing for your vacation.
  • The consequences of burnout—and how to avoid them.
  • Why thinking about life domains (as opposed to dream destinations) makes a difference.