How to Make Your Vision a Reality

As a leader, you have a clear vision for the future. But the busyness of life always pulls your attention back to business as usual. You make occasional bursts of effort toward the vision, but there’s no real progress. It’s frustrating to watch your dream for the future collecting cobwebs.

Here’s what we’ve learned after more than 40 years in leadership: Vision doesn’t force its way into your business. You have to make room for it. And you can do that by linking your vision to daily actions through strategy. 

We’ll show you a chain of execution that will anchor everything you do each day to your greater vision. Try this, and you’ll finally get past that stuck feeling and watch your vision take shape before your eyes.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Practical steps for linking vision to execution.
  • How to tell the difference between vision and strategy.
  • The missing ingredient for attaining your desired future.
  • The value of creating a Vision Script.
  • Questions to ask yourself about the coming year to make progress on your goals.
  • Tips for laying out both short-term and longer-term goals that are in alignment with your vision.
  • How to develop a reliable cadence of execution so the higher-level plans don’t get lost.
  • The psychological benefits of isolating your top 3 objectives each week.