How to Integrate Encouragement into Your Leadership

You work with a great team. You’re all running hard toward your goals, but lately people seem to be flagging. As a leader, you want to step up to reinvigorate them. But you don’t want it to be empty fluff or surface-level rah-rahs. Are there concrete ways to encourage your team effectively?

In this episode, Megan and Michele Cushatt, Chief Coaching Officer at Michael Hyatt & Company, discuss 5 guidelines for incorporating encouragement into your leadership style. They offer tips for maintaining authenticity and clarity and show you how to build a stronger, more high-performing team as you create an environment of trust.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Why encouragement is critical for leadership
  • The power of calling out the positive quality in a weakness
  • How balancing encouragement with candor creates a culture of confidence 
  • What it means to personalize the context for maximum benefit