How to Hire a World-Class Assistant

“Sure, I’d love to have an executive assistant. But I can’t afford one!” You’ve probably said that before. Or maybe you don’t know where to find one. Or you’ve had a bad experience with an assistant and are reluctant to try again. In the meantime, you’re stuck in multitask-mode, essentially doing the work of two people.

There’s got to be a way to find and hire a top-notch executive assistant, doesn’t there?

Yes, there is! We’ve got some simple steps for hiring and onboarding the world-class help you need. Our own HR manager, Danielle Rogers, joins us on the podcast to empower you to make the most important hire of your career. When we’re through, you’ll have the confidence to take your first step toward ending the overwhelm and getting the help you need. 

Here’s a preview of this episode. 

  • Why you’re not done with a hire when you sign the contract. [2:56]
  • Three strategy choices to make before you hire. [3:35]
  • Pros and cons of hiring a full-time employee. [4:03]
  • Why a contract assistant often makes the most sense. [4:26]
  • When a remote assistant may serve you best. [5:07]
  • Why you should hire no one before creating a job description. [6:43]
  • Must-have elements in a great job description. [8:57]
  • How the careers page on your site screens potential applicants. [10:36]
  • Why attitude trumps skill in hiring. [11:46]
  • The very best (and easiest) way to search for candidates. [12:59]
  • How to motivate your team to search for your new assistant. [14:38]
  • Six ways you probably haven’t thought of to find qualified candidates. [15:49]
  • Two reasons you might consider using a corporate recruiter. [18:34]
  • A quick tip for getting interviewees to be totally candid about their history. [20:48]
  • The very first step in onboarding an executive assistant. [23:33]
  • Three things you must communicate at the outset of your EA relationship.[24:29]
  • Why you must over-communicate with your EA during the first 90 days. [28:44]
  • Elements of a good communication rhythm with your EA. [29:30]

Are you tired of the overwhelm? The help you need could be here soon. Don’t overthink this! You know you need the help. Take the next right step and begin drafting your EA’s job description. That will give you the momentum you need to make this vital hire. 

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