How to Get the Most from Coaching

You know a good coach can help you grow your business. But it’s not as easy as paying the fee. Not all programs deliver what they promise. Maybe you’ve already come away from a coaching experience feeling it was a waste of time.

How can you be sure this will work?

Based on years of both coaching and being coached, we know that what you get from the experience is largely up to you. It’s possible to gain great value from any coaching relationship by making three basic commitments about how you engage the process. 

Do this, and you’ll find coaching truly transformative. You’ll grow, your business will grow, and you’ll look back on this as one of the best decisions you ever made.  

Here’s what’s coming up inside this episode.

  • What coaching looks like when it’s done right. [1:10]
  • What a coach can—and can’t—do to keep you accountable. [3:26]
  • The person who is most responsible for the success of coaching. [4:29]
  • Why being “hungry” is a prerequisite for a positive coaching experience. [5:17]
  • What a coach can do to help you have a breakthrough. [6:02]
  • Sure signs that you won’t benefit from coaching. [6:32]
  • What it looks like when a leader is taking coaching seriously. [7:13]
  • How to prepare for coaching before you arrive. [7:34]
  • The one thing necessary to learn from coaching. [8:18]
  • What it means to play “full out.” [9:47]
  • Two attitudes that help you benefit from coaching. [10:53]
  • How comparing yourself to others kills the value of coaching. [11:46]
  • What it means to “suspend disbelief” how that fuels growth. [12:51]
  • Behaviors that set you up for success in a coaching experience. [15:40]
  • The one behavior most critical to learning at a coaching intensive. [16:22]
  • The most obvious mark of a good leader—and a good learner. [18:12]
  • The final step to squeezing value from a coaching intensive. [20:36]
  • A simple formula to decide how long it will take to execute on your learning. [22:14]
  • How to guarantee you have the time to apply what you’ve learned. [22:28]
  • How to ensure that your learning and enthusiasm doesn’t overwhelm your team. [23:50]
  • How to frame new learning in a way that will align your team. [25:00]

After you hear this episode, you’ll probably be eager to get some coaching for yourself. The easiest way to gauge your need for coaching is to take the free Business Health Assessment. It will evaluate your business based on 7 key metrics. You’ll get a personalized score on strengths and weaknesses. And that will give you instant clarity on where your business needs to grow. 

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