How to Create a Culture of Big Ideas

You’ve made it to the leadership role you’re in by being an idea person, but you have new responsibilities and can’t be the only one doing that now. You need to scale and develop a team full of idea people. But how do you do that? What can you do to nurture and encourage a culture of good ideas?  

In this episode, Megan and Joel, her husband and Chief Product Officer at Michael Hyatt & Company, share 4 ingredients that will enable you to create a “big idea” culture on your team. They discuss what sets the stage for that, and also what undermines it, so that you can equip your company to scale and change with the marketplace.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The critical importance of having no sacred cows
  • How to encourage your team to take risks
  • Why you should expect and embrace failure as part of experimentation
  • The long-term value of investing time, head space, and energy early on