How to Create a Company People Are Begging to Join

To build a winning company, you need a winning team. A-players can skyrocket your success, but nothing will tank momentum faster than adding B or C-level players to the mix.

We've learned that the hard way! 

But there's a great way to make recruiting easier, and we’ll tell you about it on today’s episode.

When we set out to create a world-class company, we knew we needed to attract world-class talent. So we decided to reverse engineer it. We asked ourselves, “What would make our team the place high achievers really want to be?”

That simple question led us to create a company that’s renowned for attracting top talent. And here’s the incredible thing: It wasn’t that hard! It just took a little time and intentionality.

The good news is that you have those resources too. That means you can create a company people are dying to join!

We love this episode because it’s a chance to showcase some of the initiatives we’ve created for recruiting and retention. But it’s more than that. We’re passionate about this subject. We love our team, and we believe they are the secret to our success.

After listening to this episode, we hope you’ll agree that your people are your number-one asset too. And you’ll have the insight you need to begin gathering a top team of your own.

Here’s a peek inside the episode—

  • Why you must have world-class talent. [0:42]
  • Reasons it’s so vital to “hire slow.” [2:00]
  • Why money isn’t everything in attracting top talent. [4:48; 7:39]
  • Why you should pay above market if you can. [7:10]
  • How to find out if your salary offering is competitive. [8:24]
  • Why incentivized bonuses drive your strategic agenda. [9:28]
  • Who you should include in your bonus plan. [10:05]
  • How to create an owner’s mindset in your company. [10:49]
  • How a no-cap bonus works—and why. [11:14]
  • How to find the best talent. [12:29]
  • When and how to use non-cash bonuses and incentives. [13:50]
  • The one bonus you should never offer. [14:28]
  • The first bonus you should offer. [15:06]
  • The forgotten tool in recruiting top talent. [17:56]
  • The craziest benefit offered by Michael Hyatt & Co. [19:01]
  • How generous time-off policies makes employees more productive. [20:17]
  • Why you need to give more than the legal minimum parental leave. [21:45]
  • The real value behind employee benefits. [23:03]
  • How to structure a paid sabbatical. [23:31]
  • The difference between a sabbatical and a vacation and why both matter. [20:10]
  • How offering sabbaticals makes your company more profitable. [25:25]
  • The easiest tool you can use to attract top talent. [27:09]
  • What goes into creating an intentional, healthy  culture. [27:40]
  • How building personal connections within your team guarantees retention. [29:38]

If you’re ready to get off the turnover treadmill and start attracting high performers who believe in your vision, this episode is for you. You really can do it!

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