How to Beat Interruptions and Distractions: A Free Audio Chapter from Free to Focus

What’s your biggest roadblock to productivity? Many people would say, “Interruptions! I can’t get anything done because I keep getting interrupted!”

If that’s you, we’re going to solve that problem for you right now.


First, a little celebration. We’re excited to announce that Free to Focus made four major, national best-seller lists! That includes number one spots at the Wall Street Journal business list and the list for personal time management. We’re thrilled!

To celebrate, we’re releasing a second free audio chapter in this bonus episode of Lead to Win. (The first chapter is here.)

Today’s episode is “Activate: Beat Interruptions and Distractions.” And we promise it’ll help you slam the door on time stealers like email, social media, drop-in visitors, electronic notifications, and more.

Put the techniques we reveal here into practice, and you’ll be amazed at how your productivity skyrockets!

Here’s a peek at what’s inside the episode—

  • Learn how to limit instant communications so you can respond on your schedule.
  • Get tips for taking control of your inbox—so others can’t use it to delegate to you.
  • Understand the concept of “downhill work” and stop using it to avoid complex tasks.
  • See the true cost of task switching on your productivity, and find out how to focus longer on a single task.
  • Learn the science behind how certain types of music can boost your concentration.
  • Gain tactics for using technology to fight technological interruptions.
  • Use Implementation Intentions to pre-program responses to interruptions, so you never get pulled off track.

We’ve coached thousands of people on the techniques we’re giving you in this episode. And we know how powerful they are in beating distractions and boosting your focus.

So here’s our challenge for you. Listen to the episode, and pick one or two of these techniques to implement today. You’ll be more productive than you ever thought possible!

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