How Healthy Is Your Business?

What’s the true state of your business? We’re convinced most leaders don’t have a good grasp on that question. But you can!

In this episode, we conduct a live coaching call with Andy Bond, a business owner from Chattanooga, Tenn. Andy recently took our Business Health Assessment, and we walked through his results and gave some pointers on Vision, Focus, Team, and Self-Leadership.

This was a blast! We had a great conversation and dug into some of the key areas where nearly every business needs to grow.

By the way, you can take the Business Health Assessment for yourself right now. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. We guarantee you’ll gain greater clarity on the state of your business.

In this episode, we offered some practical next steps in these areas:

  • How to align your business with your vision for your personal and family life.
  • How to align your team around your vision for the company.
  • How to regain focus after a busy season in your business.
  • Why it’s vital to prune your business, even when it’s growing.
  • How to attract and keep A-level players.
  • How to scale your own effectiveness.
  • How to delegate effectively.

Andy reported that he gained a lot of clarity from this call, and we know you will too.

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