How a Business Coach Can Help You Now

The global pandemic has upended a lot of business plans. You’ve probably thought about getting some coaching to lead more effectively, but is it the right time to make that decision? Frankly, it doesn’t seem right that you can’t get help in dealing with the crisis—because of the crisis!

Let’s check that limiting belief. Based on successfully leading a large business through the Great Recession, we know that during a crisis is exactly the time you need coaching most. In this episode, we’ll show you why not is the very best time for you to enter a coaching relationship.

When you do, you’ll recognize it’s the best decision you could’ve made. You’ll get your business out of neutral and start building for the future.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The importance of getting advice from someone who has no agenda.
  • Whether or not you should cut your coaching expense during tough financial times.
  • How Michael gained the expertise he needed to lead a multi-million dollar company through a recession.
  • Things to consider when looking for the right kind of business coach.
  • Tips on how to break out of bad thinking when you feel stuck.
  • How to thrive in any economic context.