High Leverage Habits for the New Year

Every day you are confronted thousands of decisions – often as many as 35,000. Everything that you do is a choice, but if you spent one second for every decision, then you'd spend almost 10 hours a day just making decisions. That doesn't even include the time it would take to actually accomplish the things you choose. Luckily, the human brain has the ability to eliminate thousands of those decisions through a very simple tool: habits.

If you can become aware of your habits, then you’ll be able to evaluate the ones that are serving you, the ones that are hurting you, and the ones that you should pick up. In this episode, Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller discuss the habits that they’re currently working on. After that, Joel Miller speaks with Courtney Baker about two habits that are a vital part of the Full Focus System that many people simply miss.

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