Four Mindsets to Drive Your Success

The ability to navigate the business world with nimbleness and grit can be the difference between devastating loss and wild success. Entrepreneurs have cracked the code on how to adapt and persevere. Their success is rooted in their thinking—and mindsets are skills you can develop.

That’s why in this episode, Michael and Megan unpack four of the eight essential mindsets of entrepreneurs: ownership, resourcefulness, risk tolerance, and resilience. They address what these mindsets look like, why they matter, and how you can cultivate them in your life and on your team. By upgrading your thinking, you’ll move from being stuck in ruts you don’t even see to crafting solutions that make a difference for your business and customers.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • What makes the shift from “It’s not my job” to “How can I fix it?” so powerful
  • How to better leverage your resources with one simple question
  • Why playing it safe is riskier than taking the risk
  • How to create an environment in which it’s safe to fail
  • Why 2020 might just be the best thing that’s happened to your capacity for resilience